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Jeopardy is a great game show, but it makes me nervous

Alex Trebek is a great game show host, But . . . ,


Merv Griffin was a genius. Very few people could have created the most successful television game show, Jeopardy, as he did in 1964.

At first, I didn’t like the show because I thought it was boring. But the show can grow on you. I’ve been watching Jeopardy for years, and I learn many things from every episode. If I could retain everything I learn, I’d be just as big a genius as Merv Griffin. But I have to be honest. The show makes me very nervous sometimes, and I’m not talking about the intensity of the game.

Alex Trebek – Great buy – Great host – But too slow

One of the things that slow the game down are those video questions, or answers, keeping with the format of Jeopardy. In the time it takes to deliver one video answer, three could be delivered by Alex. About a week ago, an entire category consisted of video answers, leaving $2,000 on the board at the end of the round. I don’t think this was Alex’s doing.

But Alex Trebek has his own style. Many times, he’ll elaborate on a question, in an attempt to educate the viewers. He’ll do this often when no one knows the question. Viewers of Jeopardy don’t want to be educated. One minute later, they won’t remember it anyway. They want to see action. This makes me so nervous that sometimes, I feel like jumping into the TV and saying, “Come on, Alex! Let’s get the game going!”

Alex Trebek seems like a cool guy, and he belongs in the same class with Monty Hall as one of the best game show hosts ever. But on Jeopardy, sometimes you’d think he’s giving away his own money.

Alex Trebek

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