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Sparing the life of Jodi Arias-was it the right decision?

jodi-arias-death-penaltyUnless you’ve been in isolation the last few days, Jodi Arias will not get the death penalty because of a hung jury. Most people would rather see a hung juror.

I’m not going to say one way or another. I don’t want to receive death threats like the lone juror, who was the only “1” in the “11 to 1” vote to put Jodi Arias to death.

The fact is, I’m not like most people. I don’t take this personal. Whether Jody Arias got the death penalty or not would have had no affect on my life one way or another. I’m not like most people, who were pissed the moment they heard the news. My question to them is, “What’s in it for you?” Now, in the case of someone, like CNN’s Nancy Grace, that’s a different matter. Nancy is an entertainer. She’s paid to be pissed, and piss people off.

However, I do have an opinion on the decision.

jodi-arias-death-penaltyKillers like Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson and Jeffrey Speidel were bona fide killers. To them, killing was a way of life, and business as usual. Oh, by the way, Jeffrey Speidel was a fictional character in an episode of Andy Griffith’s, Matlock, entitled The Strangler. But he was still a ruthless, cold-blooded killer.

The brutal murder of Travis Alexander by Jodi Arias was a crime of passion. Would Jodi kill again? Who knows? But if she were to kill again, the murder would not just be for the hell of it, as is the case with the four characters mentioned above. With Jodi, I don’t think it was a numbers game. She loved Travis Alexander, and then decided that she hated him. There is a very fine line between love and hate. With the four sadistic characters above, killing had nothing to do with emotion.

If Jodi Arias really wanted to get back at Travis Alexander, she could have done the same to him as Lorena Bobbitt did to her lover. Her sentence for this less serious crime could have been an order to return to her life with Travis, which would have been much worse than the death penalty.

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