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Lone Juror in Jody Arias case is Henry Fonda’s counterpart


The juror who held out and voted to save the hide of Jody Arias is labeled as nobody’s sweetheart. In fact, she was under more security Friday than the President.

What’s puzzling is, how her name was posted on Facebook. What did she do, SHARE? This is not something you share on Facebook. The woman known as Juror B37 in the George Zimmerman trial did a similar thing. To sum it all up, both jurors should have kept their mouths shut. Juror B37 paid a price for not doing so, and the lone juror in the Jody Arias case will probably do the same.

I thought jurors were not supposed to tell people who they are. In the movie, 12 Angry Men, no one knew any juror’s name until the end, when Joseph Sweeney asked Henry Fonda, “What’s your name?” If you recall, Henry Fonda replied, “Davis” and Joseph Sweeney said, “My name’s McArcle.”

Of course, back in the fifties, we didn’t have Facebook and Twitter. Can you imagine Lee J. Cobb posting a tweet, threatening Henry Fonda?

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