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Johnny Manziel, it’s a whole new game now

johnny-manzielCome on, Johnny Manziel. You didn’t think you were going to just put on that Browns uniform and make a difference right away, or did you?

At Texas A&M, you played every week against ten good players and one great player. Now, you are playing against eleven great football players every week. Don’t try to be a difference maker like you were in college, because the pros will sniff you out like a hunting dog.

You’re not playing against Vanderbilt, Mississippi State or Arkansas anymore. Even as great as Nick Saban’s defenses are, you’re not even playing against him. These guys are pros – the best at what they do.

Be patient, Kid. Remember, you jumped your senior year to turn pro. By all rights, you shouldn’t even be there yet. But you are, so approach it with the right attitude. If you do, you’re day is coming. Keep your head screwed on right.

You certainly didn’t expect to be a superstar pro quarterback your first year. The only guy who did this was Joe Namath. That was a different era, and you are no Joe Namath.

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