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What Happened to Judge Joe Brown?


Every so often, I will watch a little TV in the middle of the day. I am usually tuned in to Fox 6, the Fox affiliate in Birmingham, Alabama. This is my favorite station. The reporters for Fox 6 are very professional, and probably some of the best in the country. I like some of the shows on Fox, especially Judge Judy.

Today, I was watching Divorce Court around 2:00 PM, and I said to myself, “This does not excite me. There has to be something better. I wonder what comes on next.” Then, I suddenly remembered something. At 3:00 PM and 3:30 PM, I used to watch Judge Joe Brown. Then, it suddenly dawned on me that I have not seen Joe Brown on TV for a while. Then, I asked myself, “Whatever happened to Judge Joe Brown?”

It did not take long for my question to be answered. While browsing the internet this evening, I accidentally stumbled across an article about the distinguished Judge – or I should say, the distinguished former Judge.

Judge Joe Brown is in Jail.

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