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Kathie Lee Gifford – The center of attention

kathy-lee-giffordKathy Lee Gifford was in rare form yesterday. On NBC’s Today, she alleged that Bill Cosby tried to kiss her during their comedy tour in the 70s.

So What!

Kathy Lee is a pretty woman. I wouldn’t mind kissing her myself. All The Cos did was try to kiss her, if she was telling the truth. He didn’t try to rape her. But, as usual, she wanted to be the center of attention by making a bid deal of the situation. She had nothing but good things to say about the comedian. Frankly, I don’t think trying to kiss her was so bad. She seemed to be happy about it. But what if she made it up? If so, she may be trying to save face.

The lady is too dramatic. This leads many to believe that if The Cos had not tried to kiss her, she would have really been pissed. Imagine the blow this would have been to her female ego.

This makes you wonder if many of the psychotic women who have lowered the boom on Bill Cosby in recent weeks were nothing more than just sour grapes.

The allegations about The Cos are getting out of hand. Sure, I think he loves women. But a lot of men love women, and they are not labeled as sex offenders.

Lay off The Cos. He has brought so much joy to so many people. As for the people out there who are judging the man harshly, let me ask you a question:

Would it make you feel any better if The Cos tried to kiss Frank Gifford?


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