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Kentucky Wildcats a national power? More like a national thief

Kentucky Wildcats

Did the Kentucky Wildcats steal Tennessee’s logo?

You’d think that a team like the Kentucky Wildcats, a perennial national power in basketball, would at least have enough imagination to be original. There aren’t many fans of the Tennessee Volunteers who are happy about their rival doing this.

That’s the way it is with some of these so-called national powers. Alabama has been stealing ideas from Auburn for years. They stole the idea of the famous Tiger Walk, and called it the Elephant Walk. Auburn was the first college to have car tags, and others followed, including Alabama. Auburn stole an idea from Alabama in 2010. They won a national championship, and Alabama didn’t like it. WOW! If this isn’t the ultimate double standard, I don’t know what is.


But where did the Tennessee Volunteers get the checkerboard idea?

Without question, the checkerboard logo belongs to the Tennessee Volunteers. But if you want to get technical, you can form an argument that they stole the idea from Legion Field in Birmingham, Alabama. Once known as the Football Capital of the South, the stadium hosted some home games for Alabama and Auburn when they played the high profile teams, because their on-campus stadiums were not large enough. Birmingham also kept the stadium available on the back burner, for that NFL team that they never got.

Legion Field introduced the checkboard end zones in the early 60’s, and Tennessee followed in 1964. The Volunteers resumed the famous end zones in 1989, and have had them ever since. But the checkerboard logo has become such a part of Tennessee, that it’s safe to say that the famous logo belongs to the Volunteers.

As for the Kentucky Wildcats, give up the checkboard logo. Do something more original, like winning a championship. You seem to be having problems doing this lately.

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