KFC chicken scented sunscreen – More uses than just a sunscreen

KFC chicken scented sunscreen

With the introduction and free giveaway of KFC Chicken Scented Sunscreen, people are sure to get other ideas.

KFC has stressed the point that it’s not for eating, but others may have other ideas. Perhaps many affectionate men and women will use it as a substitute for Whipped Cream or Chocolate Body Rub.

This will work very nicely, especially for the people who have a passion for fried chicken. Now, they can have two passions going for them at the same time.

If this products takes off, KFC may want to expand their product line in the sunscreen division, and come up with Fish Scented Sunscreen. This way, the people on Plenty of Fish, who are interested in Chocolate Body Rub will have the best of both worlds.

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