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Why killing the sharks in the 4 Jaws movies was wrong


American Movie Classics has aired the four Jaws movies several times during the past month. Yesterday, I watched Jaws II, which is my favorite of the four movies. I remember watching it in the theater when it was released. When the shark was electrocuted, everyone in the theater cheered. But as the years passed, I began wondering why people wanted to see the shard killed. He wasn’t doing anything wrong. In fact, the people he killed were trespassers, and they were invading his territory.

But Jaws didn’t kill people because they were trespassing. He did it because he was hungry. There’s nothing wrong with satisfying your appetite.

As an Italian like myself would say:

It wasn’t personal. Jaws was just looking for something to Mangiare.

(Pronounced: man-ja-dee; Italian for eat)

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