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Should a landlord be responsible for fixing a toilet seat?

toilet seatCan my landlord charge me for a new toilet seat?

This is from a letter received by a Merjeo reader:

My toilet seat has been off the screws for a while now, and we have brought it to the inspector doing the inspection and they said they’ll fix it, yet they haven t.

We always have to keep putting the seat on and straightening it. Tonight my son sat on the toilet and the seat wasn‘t on right and it cracked. Do I contact my landlord and tell them this, and that they have been notified in the past for the broken screw parts, and now it has snapped, or should I go out and buy a new one?

Merjeo’s response:

Are you shitting me? (No pun intended.) Come on , Man, get real! This isn’t even funny.

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