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Life is not a Fairy Tale, but it sure can be fun

cinderellaYou’ve often heard of the Cinderella Stories. A girl who has never been out of the hot house meets the man of her dreams, marries him, and lives happily ever after. A basketball team enters the NCAA tournament as a 14th seed, gets into the Final Four, and wins the championship.

These are some real Cinderella Stories, or fairy tale stories. They are all around us, but they don’t work quite the same way as what you read in books or see in movies. Here are some bazaar fairy tale stories that were, could have been and never were..

Fairy Tale Stories from real life

Michael Jordan was about to sign with Adidas, but the Shoe Company turned him down because he was too short. Were they serious? I’d like to say they were crazy. This paved the way for Nike. Under the circumstances, Nike is a real Cinderella Story. They could have been like Adidas. Unfortunately for Adidas, this was a botched Fairy Tale story.

A guy who was sleeping in his car six months ago goes on Shark Tank, and Robert Herjavec offers him a million dollars for his Company. He turned him down. This is another botched Fairy Tale Story, a Fairy Tale Story turned sour.


Ronald Wayne, known as the unluckiest man in the world, sold his ten percent interest in Apple 12 days after co-founding the Company. It’s worth $35 billion today. This is not a botched Fairy Tale Story . It’s a Fairy Tale Story that never was, and was not meant to be.

The Ultimate Fairy Tale Story

There is no such thing as a Fairy Tale story. Face the fact. It’s only in books and movies.

If you lose your shoe at midnight, chances are, you’re DRUNK.

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