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Many millionaires started with crazy ideas

Las Vegas was once a barren desert. Living conditions were deplorable, to say the least. Someone had the craziest idea in history – To build a city in the middle of a place where civilized people were afraid to go. There is no way to estimate the amount of money taken in each day in the city that was once the craziest idea ever thought of by a human being.


There is No Such Thing as a Bad Idea

Some ideas work successfully and some don’t. This depends on the creativity and imagination of the person who thought of the idea. All ideas were once crazy. Why? Because they were new.

When Ted Turner came up with the idea of 24/7 news, was this crazy? Sure it was. Is CNN crazy? Hardly. Ted Turner is probably still laughing about it, all the way to the bank.

Think of the gentleman who wanted to contact his friends over the internet. Had this ever been done before? NO. Was it a crazy idea? YES. What’s the most successful website on the internet? FACEBOOK. Who is the gentleman who thought of this crazy idea? Mark Zuckerberg. By the way, Mr. Zuckerberg is the eighth richest man in the world.

New ideas are also mysterious. People love mystery. The t-shirt industry is a perfect example of mystery. If people like the logo on a t-shirt, it will sell. They may ask, “What is that?” Even if they never find out what a logo means, they will still buy that t-shirt, because the mystery is still there.

People will buy two things:

  • People will buy nothing. Tell people that a cleaning product has a new additive, such as, CS-4678, and people will buy it like crazy. What is even more crazy is, CS-4678 could be someone’s initials and the last four digits of their Social Security Number.
  • People will buy mystery. People will buy something if they don’t know exactly what it is. Once they find out what the item is, they will still buy. By this time, everyone has it, and likewise, everyone wants it.

Remember, if you come up with an idea, develop it. You’ll never know what could happen. It could turn you into a millionaire. Also keep in mind that there are hundreds of crazy ideas that have still never been thought of, that will make many people millionaires some day.

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