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When married people fantasize about others they want to have sex with

married people-Kim KardasianLetter from Merjeo Reader:

Married young, have a great loving marriage but I wish I had tried other men first . . ?

I met my man at 16. He took my virginity and swept me off my feet. Married at 20, and never dated another guy. Married now twelve years, love him so much. We are both very happy, great full life and yes a great sex life. But I yearn to try other men. No one specific I just wonder what it’s like with another guy. I sometimes fantasize about strangers when we are having sex. What causes this? Is it some normal suppressed need in me? It’s getting stronger.

Merjeo’s response:

As long as you’re just thinking about it, and not doing it, I don’t see a problem.

This is normal. When I got married years ago, I thought many times about what it would be like to have sex with Kim Novak, who in my opinion is the most beautiful woman there ever was.

At your young age, you probably don’t remember who I’m talking about. But consider this. While having sex, how do you know your husband isn’t fantasizing about doing it with Kim Kardashian?

Image of Kim Kardasian: Glenn Francis, PacificProDigital.

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