Marvin Lewis and Cincinnati Bengals need to grow some balls

Marvin Lewis

The late Tom Landry, legendary coach of the Dallas Cowboys and two time Super Bowl winner kicked a player off the team in 1979 for hot dogging on the sidelines during a game. The player, Hollywood Henderson, didn’t do anything wrong. But the guy was a trouble maker, and I suppose Landry had enough of his antics.

cincinnati-bengalsMarvin Lewis is no Tom Landry, just as the Cincinnati Bengals are no Dallas Cowboys. Tom Landry won two Super Bowls for the same reason Marvin Lewis will never win one. Landry had balls. The two criminals who put their own egos before the team, during the worst playoff loss in the history of the NFL should be given a swift kick in the ass, and shown the door.

But Marvin Lewis won’t do this. He’ll always be remembered as the most overrated and overpaid coach, and the coach with no balls.

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