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Merjeo reader’s most embarrassing moment after 4 pitchers of Margaritas

Most Embarrassing MomentI received an email today from a Merjeo reader. She sent me a photo of herself, and I don’t think she’d mind my saying that she is very beautiful.

In the email, she described her most embarrassing moment, which occurred about two weeks ago.

Flirting can cause the most embarrassing moment

Her brother introduced her to three really hot guys. Naturally, she flirted with them.

They all went out to eat at a Mexican Restaurant. By the time they had finished, the group had drank 4 pitchers of Frozen Margaritas. Other than brain freeze, she was feeling very good.

While they were in the parking lot, the three hot guys started teasing her. Suddenly, she became a little pissed (literally) because she thought they were treating her like a kid. So, she told them to stop it.

All of a sudden, the three guys started tickling her. She told them to stop several times. When they finally did stop, she went to stand up. Suddenly, she pee’d her pants. This is what she said:

I can’t believe I pee’d my pants in front of my brother and 3 hot guys! I promise, I’ll never flirt with them again!

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