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Did Michael Jackson actually rape children?

Michael JacksonNO, but HELL NO! Michael Jackson was not a pervert

I remember when Michael Jackson first began his singing career as a Motown sensation. He was the lead singer for the Jackson 5. Back then, I was a Michael Jackson fan. Later in his career, the music he performed was not necessarily my favorite. But I always liked him as an entertainer.

Since the death of Michael Jackson, I’ve done research on his early life. His father, Joseph Jackson abused him, beat him and kept him away from all of the privileges that a child has. He wasn’t allowed to play the games that children play every day.

Why Michael Jackson associated with little boys

Michael didn’t have little boys over to do things that he has been falsely accused of doing. He wanted to have the things he missed out on as a child.

It’s my opinion that he invited little boys over to play games with him. For example, it was very appropriate that Michael would have paid little boys to come to his house and play hide and seekstick ball and all of the games that me missed out on when he was a child.

Michael was able to get back the things he missed. For anyone to accuse him of raping children, this is total B S.

Michael Jackson was a great entertainer. He is in the same class with Elvis. Furthermore, he was as competent and together as anyone could have possibly been. I’ll defend him on this until I’m in the grave.



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