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Today, 3 telephone numbers, but no one to answer your call

Today, some people have as many as 3 telephone numbers

telephoneDo you remember the “good old days”. Everyone had just one telephone, and one telephone number.

Every time you called someone, you never got a voice message. You never had to press “1” for English and “2” for Spanish. You never felt like you were being jerked around. Even with just one telephone number, and much less technology, you were always able to reach a live person – the person you wanted to talk to.

Today, technology is advanced to make things much better and easier. Everyone has a “smart phone”. People and businesses have more than one telephone number. Some have several. Things are supposed to be better today.



Here’s the problem. People have smart phones, but only the phones are smart. Some of the people using them are not so smart. No matter what telephone number you call, you can never reach the person you want to talk to.

No one wants to talk to anyone today !smart phone

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