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My Grandmother was nuts, but Mother won’t say

panic-attacksI had two Grandmothers, who have both passed on.

The were both sweet ladies. I loved them both, but one of them constantly had panic attacks. Face it. She was my Grandmother, but she was just plain nuts. She was the Grandmother on my Father’s side, which made her my Mother’s Mother-in-Law.

I have asked my Mother several times, “Do you think Grandmother on Daddy’s side was nuts?” Her response is always the same, “I’m not going to say.” Then, I always respond, “You know she was, but you won’t say.” Again, she responds, “I’m not going to say.”

Today, I asked my Mother, “Do you think I’m nuts?” She responded, “I don’t think you’re nuts. I know you’re nuts.” Then, I said to her,

You won’t say that Grandma on Daddy’s side of the family was nuts, but you’ll say I’m nuts. She was your Mother-in-Law, but I’m your own flesh and blood.

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