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Man said, “My son is gay”, and he was proud to say it

My Son is GayWhen three men are in a bar, drinking, you’re likely to hear all sorts of crazy stuff.

3 men bragging about their sons

Three men were really feeling good. They decided to have a conversation about their sons, to see which dad had the most to be proud of. The first man bragged on his son by saying, “My son is an offensive lineman for the New England Patriots.” The second man said, “That’s very impressive, but wait till you hear about my son. He’s one of the best cardiac surgeons in the country. He’s been responsible for saving many lives.” The first man said, “Wow, that’s also impressive.

The third man didn’t open his mouth until one of the other two said, “You haven’t told us about your son. What does he do?” He replied, “My son is Gay. He works as an accountant for the LogoTV Network.”

One of the other two men said, “That’s too bad. Aren’t you ashamed of him?” He said, “Not at all. He’s my son, and I love him. And he hasn’t done so bad. Two years ago, on his 24th birthday, he moved into a $2 million house on the beach, got a brand new Porsche and took a long vacation to Europe. These were birthday presents from his 3 boyfriends.”

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