How to respond if someone asks, “Have you ever used the N Word?”


Whether you’ve used the N Word or not is immaterial. There are ways to answer the question “Have you ever used the N Word” in both situations. Before I continue, I can truthfully say that I’ve never used this word. I don’t like the word, nor have I ever liked it.

Situation 1 – You’ve never used the N Word

If this is the case, there’s nothing to worry about. Just answer the question, truthfully, and you’re home free. If the guy who asked the question is a real jerk, he might say, “Oh come one! You know you have.” Just ignore him and move on.

Situation 2 – You have used the N Word

Unless you’re in a setting where you have to give an answer, such as, a court of law or a deposition, simply ignore the person who asks.

Let’s look at the Question (Q) and Answer (A) approach. If you are badgered by someone, such as an attorney, this is how you respond to this question that gets so many people in trouble.

Q  Have you ever used the N Word?

A  Son, you have to be more specific. There are a lot of N Words. Nice is an N Word. Nifty is an N Word. Naughty, Needy, No, New, Near are all N Words. I can’t answer because the question is unclear.

Q  Stop jerking me around. You know what word I’m asking you about. Have you ever used the N Word?

A  No I don’t know what word you’re asking me about. I’m not a mind reader. Unless you ask me a specific question, I can’t give you an answer. I don’t know what the question is, and can’t give you a truthful answer.

Q  You know the word I’m talking about. I’m going to ask you one more time, and you’d better give me an answer. Have you ever used the N Word?

A  I can’t give you an answer and know for sure that I’m telling the truth. I don’t feel comfortable answering a question about something that you are thinking, but not asking. Tell me the word you’re talking about.

No one in his right mind is going to ask you if you’ve ever used the N Word, and say the word he’s talking about.

If he does, IT’S HIS ASS !

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