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There is only one thing that upsets the hell out of a narcissist

narcissistA Narcissist is someone who loves himself

He has no conscience. He always thinks he’s right, and will defend his argument against a rattle snake. He has a big ego. If you defeat him, he’s humiliated.

How to piss off a narcissist

No one upsets him more than the people he really cares about.

When the people he cares about don’t do exactly what he wants, he gets upset. He’ll have it no way except his way. He’s in a no win situation. That’s how he can be defeated. This ensures his own disappointment.

If you really want to piss off a narcissist, just agree with everything he says. You can even add a bonus by saying, “Man, you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread.” If this doesn’t piss him off, it sure will shut him up.

By the way, who is the 45th President? I forgot!


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