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How to get negative thinking completely out of your mind

negative thinkingNegative thinking cure – 2 things you need to do – It’s easy and it works everytime

Put a teaspoon in your right or left pants pocket. It doesn’t matter which one.

Whenever you catch yourself thinking a negative thought, move the teaspoon to the other pocket. Do this without exception.

During the first few days you will constantly have to move the teaspoon back and forth between your pockets. Over time you’ll get rid of the negative thinking before it ever enters your mind.

After a month, sometimes less, it becomes habit. You automatically know that you’re supposed to dismiss negative thoughts, and you’ve programmed yourself to do this. If they come back, put the spoon back in your pocket and scoop them away.

I’ve tried this, and I don’t have anymore negative thoughts. It works like a charm. Try it.

Enjoy! Don’t think negative. THINK POSITIVE.

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