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New England Patriots greatest team of all time? No way! Not even close!

New England PatriotsEveryone is on the New England Patriots bandwagon, now that they’ve won the Super Bowl in such dramatic fashion. Before you dub this team as the greatest of all time, you’d better look at 3 facts.

Greater teams were Super Bowl Champions

There was a great team that started it all, the Green Bay Packers? They had a man considered the greatest coach of all time, Vince Lombardi (sorry Bill Belichick). Lombardi not only knew how to win, but how to destroy the opposition. But this was a different era. Consider some other teams.

No one can forget the Pittsburgh Steelers from the 70’s. This was the next real powerhouse in the NFL, and one that knew nothing about losing.

From 1983 to 2003, the NFC dominated the Super Bowl with 6 powerhouses. The San Francisco 49’ers started it all, and won 5 Super Bowls during this period. The Chicago Bears, for one year, 1985, played like the most un-beatable team of all time, and embarrassed their opponent in Super Bowl XX, 46 to 10, the New England Patriots I might add. The New York Giants and the Washington Redskins had their great runs, also destroying their opponents in the Super Bowl. And don’t forget the Cowboys of the 90’s. And finally, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers put a team on the field in 2002 that destroyed the Oakland Raiders, 48 to 21, and a 3 time super bowl winner until the Buc’s humbled them.

I don’t know which of the above 7 teams was the best. I’m not concerned with the best. I’m writing about the team that’s not the best, the New England Patriots. Had the Patriots of today played any of these teams in the Super Bowl, both at their best, they would have been annihilated. The point spread would have been at least 21 points.

Greater teams destroyed their opponents

When each of the 7 great teams from the past walked on the field on Super Super Sunday, they didn’t think they would win. They knew they would win. They literally destroyed their opponents. But there’s more to it than that.

First, consider the fact that the Bears and the Buccaneers only won 1 Super Bowl. For the two years these teams were Champions, they were among two of the greatest teams of all time. The Bears destroyed a team with 5 total Super Bowl wins. The Buc’s beat a team with 3 wins. During the 49’er’s run, they won 5 Super Bowls against teams with a total of 5 Super Bowl Wins. The Giants won 4, against teams with a total of 8 Super Bowl wins. The Redskins won 3 Super Bowls, with total Super Bowl wins of 5. The Cowboys out did every body, winning 5 Super Bowls against 10 Super Bowl winners.

During the Patriots run, they practically had to fight for their lives in every Super Bowl they won. And they only beat teams with 2 total Super Bowl wins. That should have been 1 win. Had instant replay been used 1999, the Rams may not have beaten the Titans. Also, the opponents of the Patriots in the Super Bowls were mostly teams that couldn’t win a Super Bowl if it stood up and bit them in the ass.  In fact, the Falcons had this happen to them, and still couldn’t win the damn thing.

New England Patriots are also chokers in Super Bowl

I wouldn’t exactly compare the New England Patriots with the Buffalo Bills. But the Patriots, like the Bills have lost 4 Super Bowls, against teams with 9 combined Super Bowl wins. The Bears won 1, the Packers won 4 and the Giants won 4. Had the official flagged Malcolm Butler for pass interference like they should have, they wouldn’t have won Super Bowl XLIX in 2015 (see photo below).

To be considered the Greatest Football Team of All Time, a team had to beat great teams.

Sorry Patriots, you’re not it.

I must mention one more team, the 1972 Miami Dolphins. This is the only team that had a perfect season. The Patriots challenged this record in 2007, only to choke at the end of Super Bowl XLII in 2008.

Where do the New England Patriots rank?

At best, I’d have to rank the Patriots as the 9th best football team of all time. By the time your ranking drops below 6th, you’re not really considered a great team. You’re just one of many good teams over the years.

The New England Patriots will not go down in history as one of the great teams. The only thing people will remember about the Patriots 40 years from now is,

“That’s the Team Tom Brady played for.”

New England Patriots

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