Newlywed struggles and needs help from tech support


A newlywed immediately experienced some major problems after updating the operating system on her PC. Following is the actual email she sent to tech support.


Dear Tech Support

I recently updating my operating system from Boyfriend5.4 to Husband7.0. Unfortunately, I have run into problems with the system slowing down. Also, some of the programs that were installed on the system before the update seem to be incompatible with the new operating system, Husband7.0. For example, Lovemaking9.3 and Romance4.5 do not seem to be working properly with the new operating system, Husband7.0.

In addition, some new programs were installed on the system since the operating system was updated to Husband7.0. These new programs are, NFL5.0, NBA5.7 and Golfclubs6.8. When these new programs were added, this caused the new operating system, Husband7.0 to run even slower, and resulted in numerous “not responding” messages.

I’m concerned about these problems with the new operating system, and hope it is only temporary. I’m also concerned that the entire system will crash if these problems are not corrected. How can I correct these problems? Please help me.





Tech support was very happy to assist newlywed with her problems. Here are the recommendations from tech support.




Dear Concerned:

First, keep in mind that Boyfriend5.4 is an entertainment program, while Husband7.0 is a serious application. Do not try to re-install the old operating system, Boyfriend5.4. Otherwise, your system is sure to crash. If you enter the command, iloveyou.html, this should improve the performance of Husband7.0 and help the new operating system run much more efficiently.

There are a few utility programs that will correct these problems. Before I make any recommendations, there’s one utility program that you should never install, under any circumstances. This is Motherinlaw9.5. This system is spyware, and is filled with numerous viruses that will take over your entire system.

Husband7.0 is a great operating system, but the memory is very limited. Therefore, I’m going to recommend three utility programs that will correct this problem once and for all. Install all three. The first is Cooking 4.8. The second is Cleaning 8.4. And the third is probably the one you should install first. This program is Fancylingerie6.9.

I hope this solves your problem,


Tech support



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