Nick Saban and Kirby Smart about to do a snow job on the Georgia Bulldogs

Nick Saban – The genius behind Alabama’s success
Nick Saban

According to Wikipedia, which is always accurate and up to the minute, “Kirby Smart previously served as the defensive coordinator at the University of Alabama.” Like 17 million other viewers, I watched the Cotton Bowl last Thursday, when Alabama crushed Michigan State.

Nick Saban’s best cheerleader – Kirby Smart

Kirby smart, as usual, was standing next to Nick Saban, and leading cheers, which is all he’s ever done at Alabama. You can also count on seeing him at the championship game next Monday night standing next to the legend, and once again, leading cheers.

Leading cheers is all Kirby Smart has ever done at Alabama. I’m not saying he’s a bad defensive coach. I’m not going to say he’s a good defensive coach either. I think people believe he is the defensive genius who is responsible for Alabama’s last two national championships, and probably, their next in a few days. NOT TRUE. If Little Orphan Annie had been Nick Saban’s defensive coordinator, the results would have been exactly the same.

Nick Saban is the defensive genius. Those great Alabama defenses in recent years belong to Nick Saban, and him alone. Kirby Smart was nothing but Nick Saban’s helper, in the same way that the Master Chef has a helper to hand him the utensils.

The Georgia Bulldogs, I’m afraid, are in for a rude awakening. But not one Bulldog fan realizes this, because they think they’re getting the most brilliant defensive mind that ever existed.

There’s another issue to consider, especially if you’re a Georgia fan. Why is Kirby Smart still with Alabama. It’s not as if they need him. The results will be the same, with or without him. If I were a Georgia fan, I’d be pissed off about seeing our head coach wearing the Alabama logo.

But cheer up, Georgia. Eventually, you will have the so-called greatest defensive mind of our time as your head coach. Shortly after the start of the 2016 season, you’ll be asking, “I wonder what Mark Richt is doing these days.”


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