Nightclub manager mistakes musician for valet parking attendant

valet parking attendantGuitar Player becomes Valet Parking Attendant and pulls a fast one

When I had just graduated college, I had a second job. I moonlighted as a musician, playing the piano in a group. We played gigs all across the Country.

One night, we were playing a nightclub gig in Tuscon, Arizona. The manager asked our guitar player to park a customer’s car for him, The gentleman had a brand new Burgundy Cadillac, in showroom condition. The guitar player took his keys and parked the car in the back of the nightclub.

This was on a Friday night. We played the gig, and before leaving, we all agreed that we would meet at our next gig, in one week, at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A week later, I drove into the musician’s parking lot at the Riviera, and saw a brand new Burgundy Cadillac pull into a parking space. The guitar player got out of the car. The first thought that came to my mind was, “Is this guy crazy?” Then, I said to myself,

“Now I know where he parked the car for the customer.”

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