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Once a lawyer, always a lawyer. Is this true for politicians?


Lawyer is an irreversible stain on the soul. Once a lawyer, the person is ruined for life, and it can never be removed. A lawyer is like psoriasis. You can never get rid of them.

People who are lawyers, illegally

Then there are some guys who have never passed the bar, but pretend to be a lawyer and try to practice law. What’s the penalty for this? NOTHING. If he works for a firm, he’s just fired. If he tries to go into business for himself, his law suits aren’t worth a flip. A naive client who thinks he’s getting a $2 million dollar settlement is just plain SOL. What can he do to this jerk? Nothing. But the guy he tried to sue is happy.

Law Professors

Then there are the law professors. They guys are lawyers, but prefer to teach in the law schools. Why? Because they couldn’t cut it as a lawyer.


Finally, there are the politicians, who are mostly lawyers. It’s not so much that they couldn’t cut it as a lawyer. However, as a lawyer, they can’t screw people fast enough and hard enough. As a result, they go into politics.

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