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One thing about women that seems very strange

womenWomen have double standards

If you’re married, or have a girl friend, naturally she’ll get pissed off if you talk about another woman you think is attractive.

When I was married to my soul mate (I’m widowed now), I never bragged about other women, at least, other women who I could call and meet if I was an unfaithful husband. I loved my wife too much. And besides, she wouldn’t have killed me. She would have made me wish I was dead.

On the other hand, I bragged about beautiful women who are celebrities all the time. For example, I once said to my wife, “I think Jaclyn Smith is the most beautiful woman ever.” She never got mad at me for this. Like most women, my wife was very smart. She knew that I was just pissing in the wind.

Celebrity women – No threat to your woman

There’s no telling how many women know that their men have a crush on someone like Britney Spears or Kim Kardashian. But that’s OK. Women don’t mind this. However, if you have a crush on one of her friends, she’ll want to castrate you.

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