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Why are there so many online liars?

quick-cash-systemOnline bloggers are liars

Do you believe everything you read online? If you do, many of these liars would love to have you as a customer.

Not all blog posts are lies. But think about your typical blog post from a con artist who wants to sell you his or her secret for making $1 million during the next year.

The typical con artist tells you that this system has made them lots of money. Now, they want to sell it to you for $97. I have a problem with this, for three reasons:

  • First, if someone knew how to make $1 million dollars a year, he would not tell anyone about it.
  • Second, people who try to sell you a money making system need money.
  • Finally, if someone is making $1 million dollars a year, he would not waste his time writing a blog post and trying to sell his system. He doesn’t need the money.

P.S Watch out for the people promoting Clickbank products. But Clickbank is cool. It’s just the people who are promoting their stuff who are shady.

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