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Paula Deen Trying to Make a Comeback

paula-deenGood for You, Girl! I Hope You Make It!

I am with Paula Deen all the way. America needs her. And I don’t mind saying, I miss her a lot.

Think about the circumstances surrounding her, hopefully, temporary fall from fame. She was asked, on the spot, if she had ever used the “N Word”. Under the pressure, she responded in the first way that came to her mind. Many people would have responded this way. Many people also have big mouths that are attached to small brains. I don’t think this applies to Paula.

If an intelligent person is ever asked the question that Paula was asked, there is a correct way to respond without getting into trouble. Let’s assume a person is on the witness stand in court, and an attorney asks, “Have you ever used the N Word?”

This is the right way to respond to this question:”

“There are many N Words in the English vocabulary. Nice is an N Word. Neat is and N Word. So are Nifty, Near, Nostalgic, Nevada, North, etc. Son, you have to be more specific.”

 If the attorney is a real horse’s ass, he will say:

“You know what word I am talking about.”

Then you say:

“No, I don’t know what word you are talking about. If you don’t ask me a straight question, I can’t give you a straight answer. I can only answer questions that are clear and specific. I don’t know for sure what word you are thinking about. I can only answer you, based on what you ask me.”

I don’t believe there is a judge in the world who would instruct you to answer the question. No one can tell any one else what they are, or are not thinking. Not even a court of law can tell you that you understand a question when the question is not very clear. Also, no attorney in the world would ask the specific question. Otherwise, it’s his ass.

TO PAULA: Good Luck Girl. I’m with you all the way.

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