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Is Pope Francis serious about women, or blowing white smoke again?


Will there be Women Deacons in the Catholic Church?

When a leader is approached with a new idea, and is not interested, the most popular brush off is to say, “I’ll consider it.”

I’ll consider climbing Mt. Everest next Monday. Will I really do it? Certainly not! I’m not going to kill myself.

Does this mean that the Catholic Church will ordain women deacons in the near future? Don’t count on it. This argument has been going on for at least 100 years. Pope Francis has done more than his predecessors, by considering it. But this is a far as it will go.

A deacon is one rank below a priest. They can do everything a priest can do, except, say mass and hear confession.

The Catholic Church is holding on to something that should be let go. That is, Tradition. The Pope, Bishops and Cardinals, point blank, don’t want women in the clergy. This argument will continue for the next 100 years and will only result in one thing – Pissing more women off.


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