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10 reasons being President of the United States is such an easy job

president of the united state

The President of the United States gets to dress up all the time

Since he’s a public person, and in fact, the most public of all, the fashion enthusiasts like it if he looks good all the time. He may get on the cover of Esquire Magazine as possibly one of the 10 best dressed men of the year.

He gets to party a lot

Not only does he get to party, he doesn’t have to go through the hassle of going to a party on the other end of town. Since the parties are held in the White House, the parties will come to him.

The President makes a lot of money

He makes, at the present time, $400 thousand a year. Who couldn’t live off this kind of income? This will buy a lot of steak and potatoes.

The President gets a big expense account

Not withstanding the fact that everything is probably paid for him anyway, the President still gets a $50 thousand expense account. He also gets a non-taxable $100 thousand travel allowance, and $19 thousand for entertainment. With this kind of arrangement, the President could stay on the beach in Hawaii for 4 years, and run the country by text messaging.

The President gets to talk to people

Probably the only skill the President might need is to be a good speaker. He may have to do this every now and then. This shouldn’t be too hard. All he has to do is talk. People do this every day, and some people, ALL DAY!

The President knows where he’s supposed to be

This is not too hard. He knows where he has to be because he is told where by his advisers. All he has to do is be where he’s supposed to be, when he’s supposed to be there. That’s not too hard.

Most Presidents have a pretty wife

Many times, it is the First Lady who charms the public. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear someone present at a speech say, “I’m here to get a look at the First Lady. The heck with the President.” Also, if the public likes the First Lady, they usually like the President.

He gets to delegate

He doesn’t have to worry about running the country. All he has to do is delegate to Congress, and they will take care of the rest. How much easier can this get?

The President is in a position to make a lot of friends

This is the easiest part about being president. All he has to do is give people what they ask for, and what they want. After all, when people voted for him, all they cared about was a President who would make their lives better. If he does this, he’ll be the most popular man on the planet.

The President doesn’t have to do any housekeeping functions

It’s so frustrating to get off from work, and then come home to do some household chores. The President doesn’t have to do this, because he has someone doing it for him.

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