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President Obama, aka, President Burr Head batting a thousand this week


You can tell this guy is not running in the next presidential election. No idiot in his right mind would expect to be re-elected after doing the things he did this week.

Health Care Disaster

Earlier in the week, President Obama approved the new health care bill. All he did was piss off every governor in the Country. For this I have no comment.

Gay Marriages

The Federal Government finally approved gay marriage. Again, he pissed off, not only every governor, but every judge in the Country. Again, no comment.

Obama shuts down White House heckler

“You’re in my house, woman!”

For this I do have a comment. It may be his house, for the time being. But the heckler is a taxpayer, and one of millions who pays for President Burr Head, his wife and possibly others, occasionally, to live in his house.


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