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President Obama will ignore most serious problem in State of the Union Address 2016

President Obama State of the Union Address

President Obama will give his final State of the Union Address on January 12. According to Google, the search interest is centered around the following issues:

  • Taxes
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Immigration
  • Gun Control

During the 2015 Address, Obama said he wanted Americans to fight terrorists but not fear them. On December 6, the President laid out the elements on the fight against terrorism. Apparently, the President is not going to deal with it on January 12. There are two possible reasons why, First, Obama may think he’s done all he can do, needs to do or wants to do. Second, perhaps the President thinks he’ll be beating a dead horse.

In any event, don’t get overly excited about this year’s State of the Union Address.

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