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Procrastination mystery – This will blow your mind

procrastination-on-purposeA better way to label procrastination is to call it a paradox. I know all about paradoxes. When I was in grammar school, I had a vocabulary test, and missed the word, paradox. The nun hit me with the paddle. I just wish she had been a procrastinator. If you missed the same question, allow me to give you one painful definition I’ll never forget as long as I live. A paradox is, simply stated, a seeming contradiction. Thanks to those three words, I couldn’t sit down for a week. I’ll take them to my grave.

Procrastination – The paradox of all paradoxes

It is the ultimate paradox. and/or, mystery.

There are many types of problems people have. Some people do something too much. Some people smoke too much. Some drink too much. People who are overweight have a problem because they eat too much. Some women are nymphomaniac‘s because they like to have sex too much. Some people have anger management problems because they lose their temper too much.

How do you solve these problems? Simple! Don’t do something! Don’t smoke too much. Don’t drink too much. Don’t eat, screw, or fly off the handle too much. In other words, to solve most problems, stop doing what you’re doing.

Nevertheless, procrastination is the ultimate paradox.

How can you solve your procrastination problem? You can’t stop doing what you’re doing, because you’re not doing a darn thing in the first place.

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