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Restaurant Owner tells inspector, “GET THE HELL OUT”

Many restaurants are so gross that you’d probably be better off not eating there. The Health Inspector usually closes them down. But this was not accepted by the Owner of Red Lantern Chinese Food Take Out / Delivery at Florida’s Deerfield Beach.


The owner told the Health Inspector to “Get the Hell Out of Here” in no uncertain terms. This was after the inspector found maggots, rat feces and no telling what else, in the food.

When the local new media went to the restaurant, the owner extended them same hospitality.


About a year ago, the owner of the Good Friend Chinese and Seafood Restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama started shooting at a customer because he complained about cockroaches in the food.

Doesn’t the health inspector or the news media in Deerfield Beach read the paper? If so, didn’t the incident in Birmingham tell them anything?

As for the health inspector and news media in Deerfield Beach, they should thank their lucky stars that they’re still alive.

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