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On this day, July 30, Reform Schools learned a new phrase

reform-schoolOn this day, July 30, in 1956, The U.S. adopted the phrase, “In God We Trust” as the national motto.

Since then, we’ve seen this phrase on money, but have taken it for granted. It has been seen in many other places. One of these places, the Reform School in my hometown, used this phrase, but in a very unlikely way.

“In God We Trust”, a Reform School attention getter

The Reform School, in case you aren’t aware, is a place where youthful offenders are sent, instead of prison.

I’ve heard many horror stories about the reform school in my hometown. One of these is a paddle on display, which is immediately seen by the youth upon entry. On the paddle is a message:

In God We Trust, Your Ass We Bust

This has to be true, because I’ve heard it said by many people over the years. However, I’ve never heard any stories of the reform school in my hometown actually using the paddle.

But there was a reform school in Northern Florida that meant this, and practiced what they preached.

A group of men in their 60’s who call themselves the “White House Boys” are bringing attention to inhumane abuse that went on while they were students at this reform school.

When admitted to the school, it was like stepping foot on the most beautiful college campus. However, there was a small concrete and steel building on the campus known as the White House. When boys walked into this building, it was like entering a dungeon. When they came out, they had been beaten so bad that they were beyond recognition.

Another secret of the school is a cemetery on campus, with several unmarked graves. It’s not hard to imagine how those boys ended up there.

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