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How to handle a registered sex offender living across the street


I received an email from someone who has a registered sex offender living across the street from where he lives. There’s also a seven year old girl living there. Registered sex offenders are forbidden by law to live around children. This guy is breaking the law.

My email contact doesn’t particularly like it, but decided to just mind his own business. The guy is not bothering him, so he decided to just leave it alone. Furthermore, he went on to say, and I quote, “If this guy ever starts any crap with me, his ass is mud!

Last week, my email contact received a certified letter from the town where he lives, threatening to place a lien on his house. The reason for the letter was, his hedges have not been trimmed in over a year. After calling the township, he was informed that one of the neighbors complained.

After a little investigating, he discovered that the registered sex offender’s wife, who also lives across the street, made the complaint. His next quote was, “That does it. I’m a man of my word.

He immediately called the local sheriff’s department and informed them of this sex offender. Within 24 hours, they sent an officer to the sex offender’s home, and he was immediately taken to jail.

When I responded to his email, I asked him, “If you had not discovered who made the complaint against you, would you have still turned him over to the sheriff?” His response was, “You damn right. I was just looking for an excuse to turn that bastard in!

This is my advice to the registered sex offender:

If you’re not Lilly White yourself, don’t snitch, and this goes for your noisy wife too!

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