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Here’s a Classic Christmas Commercial my Dad loved, and then hated

Here’s a classic Christmas commercial by Miller High Life from the old days. If you remember it, you’ll realize how old your’re getting.


There’s a funny story behind this classic Miller High Life Christmas commercial

When this holiday commercial first aired in December, 1980, it was my Dad’s favorite. He thought it was the most beautiful commercial he’d ever seen. Unfortunately, this changed very quickly. He couldn’t stand to look at it.

My Dad, rest his soul, loved to bet. He’d bet on football, baseball, basketball, NASCAR racing, and a few years, he even bet on the Presidential election.

College and pro football were his favorite. This commercial was shown during the NFL and college football games, at least 20 times during each game. Every time he saw this commercial on TV, no matter what show was on, it was a constant reminder that every Saturday and Sunday, he was losing his ass.

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