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What makes someone a Republican or a Democrat?

republican-democratThe majority of people, when asked this question, will claim they’re not affiliated with any party. These people tend to lean towards the Libertarian party. They usually vote for one of the other candidates in a Presidential election, knowing they have no chance in the world of winning.

Some people will call themselves a Democrat, or a Republican, but they realized there is little difference in the two parties. They say what they’ll do on the campaign trail, but once elected, they forget what they said.

Some people choose to be Independent. They figure, why pick a side when both sides suck and neither is doing any good for the country? To these people, both Democrats and Republicans are more interested in making money and getting their way than helping people.

Others despise the idea of political parties. These people vote for republican candidates because they believe they are usually the lesser of two evils.

The end result is simple. Why not vote for the candidate instead of the party?

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