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What the rich do, and how they got there

rich-peopleWhat makes the rich people different from the common people?

Here are some differences between the two.


 The Rich Guy
 The Commoner
The rich guy is a winner.

The rich guy says, “I will.”

The rich guy welcomes failure, and learns from it.

If things don’t go as planned, the rich guy is devastated, for about 10 seconds.

The rich guy says, “I’ll take responsibility for my screw up.”

The rich guy realizes he does not know everything, and listens to people with new ideas.

The commoner is a loser.

The commoner says, “I will when I get around to it.”

The commoner avoids failure, and is afraid of it.

If things don’t go as planned, the commoner is devastated, for about 10 weeks.

The commoner says, “It’s your fault I screwed up. It’s not my fault”

The commoner thinks he knows everything, and won’t listen to people with new ideas.

All these differences are real, but there is one major difference that separates the two.

The rich guy is always looking for new paths to explore and new networks to build.

The commoner is just looking for a job.

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