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Ryan Lochte loses endorsements, but his life is not over

Ryan LochteRyan Lochte is human, or have people forgotten this?

Ryan Lochte is the most hated person in the world right now. I can’t sugar coat this. It’s a fact, and a very unfortunate fact.

As to what people think about him, I’d have to put him in the same class with Paula Dean and O.J. Simpson. He’s done, as the result of a very insensitive group of people known as the human race. People are taught forgiveness all of their lives, but somehow, never use what they learn in a real life situation.

Everyone hates Ryan Lochte now. As usual, I go with the underdog. I have to give the Olympic Gold Medalist the benefit of the doubt, which is more than he’s getting these days. However, he did mess up. But there’s a way to find a little levity in every situation.

The public needs to go easy on Ryan Lochte. He just screwed up. He’s human. Don’t take it so personal.

Many people on the internet are writing hate comments about this guy. If you are one who has tortured this guy in a hate message, I have a question for you, “Have you ever screwed up in your lifetime?” Some people make a career out of screwing up. But that’s OK. They’re not Gold Medalists. Does winning the Olympic Gold Medal mean that the athlete has to be perfect?

Ryan Lochte loses endorsements – What next?

Speedo, Ralph Lauren and other corporate sponsors dropped the Olympic Gold Medalist in the wake of the Rio scandal. Sponsors did the same thing to Paula Dean after her scandal. Since then, she has seemingly dropped off the face of the earth.

The world is not over for this Olympic athlete. There’s something he can do to exercise his talents. What’s next for Ryan Lochte?

I’m not one of those people who’s so quick to judge Ryan Lochte. It’s not my place, just as it’s not anyone’s place, to judge the man. However, I do have a blog to write. And this is Merjeo, the place for stories that are Fun, Entertaining and sometimes Wild and Crazy. So Mr. Lochte, if you’re reading this now, don’t take this seriously. It’s all in the sense of fun and good humor. I’m sill a fan. But face the fact, you screwed up. No need to bury your head in the sand. There’s nothing wrong with trying to make a bad situation a little better.

Here are 11 things Ryan Lochte can do with his life:

  • Perhaps he can go into politics. People have confidence in politicians, considering they vote for them. But they’re voting for a candidate, knowing full well he’s an out right liar.
  • He could go into the advertising business. I’ve never known an advertising campaign to tell the whole truth about anything.
  • Mr. Lochte can get endorsements from Companies like Google and Yahoo, and promote their email division.
  • He could endorse free email services, such as, Thunderbird, Hushmail and Zoho. Email seems to be the hot topic today for people who don’t know how to tell the truth.
  • He could enroll in law school and become a lawyer. Do lawyers lie? Oh, HEAVEN FORBID!
  • How about Mr Lochte going into acting? He may be a movie star one day. He certainly has the looks for it. Movie stars make a career out of being someone they’re not. That’s what acting is all about – Lying.
  • If worse comes to worse, Mr. Lochte can become a car salesman. Do they ever lie? Do lawyers lie? Is Pope Francis Catholic?
  • He could become a college coach. Coaches lie like crazy. For example, when a successful college or NFL football coach is secretly offered a head coaching job at a rival school, or a rival NFL team, he swears to his fans he’s not leaving, then, leaves after the last game of the season. If I can recall, Nick Saban told the fans in Miami he was not leaving the Dolphins to be the head coach at Alabama.
  • He can become a journalist. Many of them write what they want people to read, instead of the truth.
  • He can become an environmentalist. These people are as full of shit as a Christmas turkey.
  • Finally, he could become a minister. Do ministers lie? Oh, certainly not. Neither do car salesmen and lawyers.

On a serious note, I do feel for Ryan Lochte, and what he is having to go through. Although he brought it on himself, no one deserves to be judged harshly by others, and especially by those who aren’t much better themselves.

Come on, people. Let up on Ryan Lochte. He just screw up. Don’t we all at some time or another? If you can’t forgive the man, I want you to cast a stone, if you really believe you can.

I wish Ryan Lochte all of the best in the future.

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