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Sometimes I think I’m seeing things, even with my eyes closed

seeing thingsSeeing things that are not really there, or are they?

Many times, when I’m lying down and relaxing with my eyes closed, I have the strangest experiences. I’m actually seeing things. This is not BS.

I see ugly faces. If you’re reading this, you may think I’m crazy. But I’m telling you the truth. The ugly faces I see are similar to the image on the left. The only thing that’s certain is, I’ve never seen the same face twice.

At first, I thought demons were invading me, Then, I said, “Hell, I didn’t ask them to come here.

Several years ago, when I was attending graduate school in New Orleans, someone I met at school told me that he prayed a lot. Every time he prayed, he said, he saw faces that were so ugly that it scared him to death. This guy scared me to death because I thought he was nuts. Now, the same thing is happening to me.

Am I nuts? Hell no, but I know what I see. Is this BS or NOT? You don’t have to decide. I’ll decide. It’s not because, again, I know what I see. Is this Deja Vu?


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