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Sexual harassment by the boss – A double standard?


If someone’s boss, who is just the manager working for a large company, is accused of sexual harassment, what happens? He is fired by the company.

What happens if the boss, who is self-employed, is accused of sexual harassment? I said accused, not guilty. Here are some possible solutions:

  • I own the company. I can’t fire myself.
  • This is a small company. If this really happened, no one saw it. It’s your word against mine.
  • Your left hand didn’t know what her right hand was doing.
  • Go ahead and sue me, Bitch. I can always say you framed me because I wouldn’t give you a raise.
  • Thanks for trying to sexually harass me during your training period.
  • It was not sexual harassment. It was unwanted sexual attention.
  • Even if I were your co-worker, I wouldn’t sexually harass you.
  • You’re not about sex. You’re all about bureaucracy.
  • You’re just sour grapes because you’re wishing for what could have happened.
  • Come on! You’ll never prove it. Sexual harassment it too complex and subjective.
  • Just because you can doesn’t mean you did.
  • I wish you had sexually harassed me. I’ll never know what I missed.


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