Sexual Harassment not right, but often easily provoked

penis-advantageEvery time there is a question of sexual harassment on the job, it’s always the employer whose neck is on the chopping block. In the end, it’s always the boss’s fault. Sometimes, it’s the employee’s fault. What if a Company hires a devious woman or man who tries to use sex to get what he or she wants? Let’s explore the possibilities.

Here is the exact definition of sexual harassment from the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission:



Requests for Sexual Favors

This is a little vague, don’t you think? How do we know that the employee doesn’t say something to the employer, such as, “If you give me a big raise, I’ll go to bed with you?” We don’t. But the pissed off employee can turn in the boss for sexual harassment if he or she doesn’t get the raise. And as usual, it’s the employee’s neck.

Other verbal or physical conduct of a Sexual Nature

Suppose a man has a sexy boss, and wants special job privileges. If the man turns in the boss for sexual harassment because she denies those special privileges, her goose is cooked, no matter what the situation. How do we know the guy didn’t grab her tits?

Term or condition of the individual’s employment

Suppose an employer is in the modeling business. He wants to hire a model who is hot stuff, and in big demand. This model can easily imply, Hey pal, you need me more than I need you. What’s it worth to you? In this case, the boss could be the target of a set up.

On the other hand, suppose a model is just starting out, and really wants the job to further his or her career. The boss really doesn’t want to take a chance with an unknown. In this case, the model could imply, Hire me, and I’ll do all those good things you like, between the sheets. The boss says, “No dice!”

You get the point? Sometimes it’s not the boss’s fault, but it’s always the boss’s ass.



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