Why are smart people so quiet? I can give 9 reasons

smart-people9 reasons smart people are so quiet

  • They’re thinking of ways to strangle someone with the belt of their pants without anyone noticing it.
  • They’re waiting for the room they’re in to run out of oxygen, while they’re close to the exit for a grand escape.
  • They’re thinking, “What the hell have I done to deserve being around these morons?”
  • They’re trying to make sense of what everyone else is saying, but can’t.
  • They are slowly trying to leave the room without anyone noticing.
  • They don’t agree with what’s going on in relationships, and since they were younger, decided it’s better to go home and write about it.
  • They’re trying to prevent themselves from dying from boredom.
  • They’re always thinking about the part they can play in carving this Country up, piece by piece.
  • For everyone they meet, they’re thinking about how they can screw them in a business deal.

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