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When someone thinks you’re gay & you’re not, here’s what you do

gayThe most frustrating feeling in the world is when someone says something bad about you, when you know it isn’t true. Nothing is more damaging to a straight man than telling him, and other people that he is gay.

How to get rid of someone falsely accusing you of being gay

A word of caution: If possible, try to ignore it. If this doesn’t work, and it’s gone too far, here’s what you can do to get rid of him once and for all:

Put your arm around him and say, “You’re right, I’m gay. I’m looking for a new hunk, and you’re it. I know that’s what you’ve been hinting at. You’re trying to hit on me. Now, I’ll give you what you want. Every night, I masturbate while thinking of you. Come on, let’s get it on.” While you’re saying this, grab him in the balls.

You’ll get one of two reactions.

First, he will run like a scared rabbit. In this case, he knows that his joke has gone too fat and has backfired on him. You’ve called his bluff. This is not what he wanted.

Second, he may get pissed off and say, “That’s not funny.” Just remind him that he instigated the whole thing, and, he knows damn well you’re not gay. If he gets mad and wants to fight, whip his ass. Just make sure he hits first. This probably won’t happen because he is a chicken shit.

This will end the problem forever. He won’t tell anyone about it because it would humiliate him.


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