Sports at Olympics Should be Reversed, for the sake of the athletes


Now that the Rio 2016 games are finally here, people are getting excited and geared up. As I was watching some of the events the last two days, I couldn’t help saying to myself, “It’s so hot there in Rio! How can those athletes stand it?” Perhaps the International Olympic Committee can do something about this.

Suggested Changes for the Olympics

The Winter Olympics are always held in the month of February. This is the month in which people are freezing their buns off.

Likewise, the Summer Olympics are usually held in August, and sometimes September. During there two months, it’s as hot as hell!

I remember, while watching the Sochi 2014 games, something interesting occurred to me. There, it was freezing outside. However, the athletes competed in sports that took place on either snow or ice. This makes no sense. If it is so cold outside, why do the athletes compete in something that is going to make them colder?

Likewise, in Rio, athletes are already burning up. Then, they go out, compete, and burn up even more.

I have a simple solution for this problem.

Have the winter events during the summer, and the summer events during the winter!


The International Olympic Committee should have the Winter Olympics during August, and the Summer Olympics during February. They should also move basketball to the Winter Olympics, because it is a sport that is played in the Winter time.

If the IOC does this, here are some adjustments and some considerations that should be made:

  • The IOC can still call the Olympics held in August the Summer Olympics. Or, they can stick with the title, Winter Olympics. In any event, have the winter sports in August, and the summer sports in February. For simplicity’s sake, let’s just assume that the August games will continue to be called the Summer Olympics, and the February games the Winter Olympics.
  • Many of the winter sports, such as, figure skating, hockey, speed skating and bobsledding can take place indoors. The ice will be just fine, and the hot weather outside won’t melt it.
  • With technology as advanced as it is today, I’m sure the IOC can find a way to put snow on mountains for the skiing events and keep it from melting. If technology can put ice in indoor arena’s during the summer, it can put snow on the ground.
  • With this new format, selecting a site for the Winter Olympics would be much easier. This way, the IOC does not have to select a city that they know will have snow on the ground. This leaves the door open for many other cities wanting to host the Olympics.
  • For the Winter Olympics, which is now having the summer sports, the IOC should change their rule that requires track and field events to take place in an outdoor stadium. Therefore, the Winter Olympics should be hosted by a city with a dome stadium, or, with plans to build one. New Orleans would be the perfect city. The city is flat, but this does not matter, since there will be no skiing events on mountains.
  • For the marathon event during the Winter Olympics, runners can still wear shorts. Some cities are not necessarily freezing during February. On the other hand, if a runner is running 26 miles, he won’t have any problem staying warm.
  • Perhaps the athletes competing in cross country skiing can wear shorts.
  • Finally, add golf to the Olympics. It does not matter which Olympics, Summer or Winter, has it. Better yet, add it to both the Summer and the Winter Olympics. Avid golfers play all year round.

This would make the Olympics much better for everyone, especially the athletes. The events would warm them up in the cold winter , and cool them off in the hot summer.

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