St. Peter’s advice for lovely ladies who seduce priests

st-peterAfter mass, about a week ago, there were two priests talking to the members of the congregation. One was around the age of 28, and the other was close to 70.

The younger priest was talking to a beautiful woman. I mean, this lady was a real looker. Sexy, beautiful, seductive – She had it all. Suddenly, the younger priest had a blush on his face, but for no particular reason. Finally, he had to leave because he couldn’t stand it. I think the young priest had a sexual problem, because he was walking kind of funny.

He went into a room in the back of the church. The older priest noticed that there was a problem, do he decided to follow him and find out what was wrong. It was then when I decided to do some eaves-dropping. I’m  not necessarily a noisy person, but I’m always looking for good stuff to write about.

I tried to listen in. The older priest ask, “What’s wrong?” The younger priest wouldn’t say, but the older priest knew that the beautiful lady got to him. He said to the young priest, “Son, I know what’s wrong. You’ve got to be able to handle this kind of situation. You’re a priest now.”

Showdown with St. Peter

The older priest couldn’t mind his own business and leave it alone. He just had to confront the lovely lady. He went up to her and said, “I want to apologize for what just happened.” The lovely lady understood. This is when he should have stopped, but he was too hard headed to do so. He went on by saying, “Actually, this happens a lot. Beautiful women like yourself shouldn’t tease these young priests. That’s not good. I’m not saying you were wrong, but you didn’t help the situation. It’s unfortunate that many lovely ladies like yourself come on to our younger priests. And believe me, the ones who do this will be judged for it when they enter the gates of heaven. Be careful, otherwise, St. Finger will point his Peter at you.

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