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Steve Harvey handled blunder at Miss Universe like a professional

Steve Harvey Miss Universe

If some newcomer had hosted the Miss Universe Pageant, and made one of the worst blunders in pageant history, that’s exactly what he would be – History.

Steve Harvey is a seasoned professional

Not this guy. He’s Steve Harvey, which speaks for itself. A Publicity Stunt? No way. The man couldn’t have said it any better:

“Why the hell would I do that? What I do not participate in is a bunch of B.S. You want to do a publicity stunt you do it yourself. I’m already famous. Do you really think I want to be famous like this?”

It’s a great thing when a man can make a mistake like this, on International TV, and not appear embarrassed or rattled. Being the established professional he is, I’d say he’s probably laughing at himself. This is a good thing, and something more people should do more often – LAUGH AT THEMSELVES.

When I first saw Steve Harvey, I was not that much of a Steve Harvey fan. Now, I’m a big Steve Harvey fan. The guy kind of grows on you.

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